Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer – Men’s Anti-Chafing Gel and Deep Cleansing Wash – Talc, Paraben, and Menthol-Free

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Product Description

Chassis for MenChassis for Men

Chassis Shower PrimerChassis Shower Primer

Man Care for Down There

Chassis Shower Primer is a new way to start your day. Made with the finest ingredients available, this thick shower gel-like formula is infused with our one-of-a-kind Power Extract Blend featuring Hops, Aloe, Oatmeal, Witch Hazel, Pumpkin Seed and more. Featuring five unique benefits, this formula will leave you feeling clean, smooth and friction-free all day long. Simply apply daily to areas of body prone to heat, sweat and chafing. For best results, wait at least 30 seconds before rinsing.

Using Chassis Shower Primer:

Deep CleansEliminates OdorMoisturizes SkinSoftens Body HairReduces Friction

Fully Innovative FormulaFully Innovative Formula

Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer, for MenChassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer, for Men

Chassis Product Comparison

Use in tandem with the renowned Chassis Premium Powder for the ultimate in all-day comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shower Primer?

Certain shower products like conditioner actually take time to penetrate the hair follicle in order to achieve optimal efficacy. While the average soap or shower gel does an adequate job of cleaning, they’re not meant to improve and prevent the myriad of inconveniences that men can experience down there. This is where Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer comes in. It actually penetrates the skin and body hair while providing the following attributes to start your day right: Deep cleans, eliminates odor, moisturizes skin, softens body hair, and reduces friction.

Can Chassis Shower Primer be used for the rest of my body or hair?

Although not specifically recommended by Prevail Solutions, many users have reportedly replaced their shower gel, shampoo and conditioner with a single flask of Chassis Shower Primer. Since it contains a deep cleanser and hair conditioner, this is technically feasible.

chassis body powderchassis body powder

No Harsh Chemicals

Free from parabens, talc, aluminum and menthol, Chassis men feel confident, dry, and friction-free all day long.

Giving Back

We believe in improving the lives of our valued customers, and also giving back to those in need. That’s why 10% of all Chassis profits help support our Team Prevail initiative, which provides opportunities for disadvantaged children.

Reduces Friction

Prevents Chafing

Fights Odor

Moisturizes Skin

Softens Body Hair

Deep Cleans

Reduces Sweat

All-Day Protection

Relieves Chafing

Cooling Action





ODOR ELIMINATING – Say goodbye to stank. Our shower primer banishes sweat smell from your most sensitive areas while keeping odor at bay. Wash with Chassis Shower Primer first, then sprinkle on Chassis Premium Powder for all-day odor elimination.
ANTI-CHAFING – Apply to areas of your body prone to sweat and chafing for constant comfort. No more painful friction or irritation–just a natural way to stay fresh no matter the weather.
MOISTURIZING – Get a meaningful clean without stripping your skin of necessary oils. Chassis Shower Primer moisturizes as it cleans, leaving you with smooth, touchably soft skin.
BODY HAIR SOFTENING – Stop friction and irritation by softening body hair for maximum comfort. Condition and treat your body hair and experience daily luxury.

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