Manscaped Men’s Ball Deodorant, Male Care Hygiene Moisturizer, The Crop Preserver, Anti-Chafing Groin Protection with Cooling Aloe Vera Deodorant

Price: $11.99
(as of May 25,2020 22:27:54 UTC – Details)

HOW TO USE – You wouldn’t leave the house without putting deodorant on your pits, so do the same for your nuts. Keep them smelling good with Crop Preserver, and be ready for anything life throws your way: a hot date, a promotion, or a pick-up game of basketball! Use Crop Preserver as part of your regular manscaping routine, and daily after showering on non-manscaping days for the ultimate protection against sweat and funk.
MISSION – Crop Cleanser’s mission is a simple one: to cleanse your body crops well. Really well. If YOUR mission is to attract a mate who doesn’t want a partner who smells musty, use Crop Cleanser to wash every single crack and crevice on your body.
FORMULATED TO PERFORM: Using a proprietary combination of ingredients, Crop Preserver works in the toughest of ball situations. It keeps them dry, clean, and smelling fresh — all day long! Formulated as a talcum-like gel, it goes on dry and keeps your scrotum dry and hydrated. Crop Preserver helps reduce inflammation and redness that can come with razor burn. Not only that, by keeping the skin on your balls healthy and dry, you can avoid bacterial infections.
WHY WE CREATED CROP PRESERVER: Balls. Hot, dark environment. Constant activity. Need we say more? Crop Preserver fills a vital gap in a man’s grooming arsenal. Balls get hot, sweaty, and crowded in your pants. Hours of that leads to balls being hot, sticky, and stinky. And who wants stinky balls? Not you, not your partner, and certainly not us. Once you use Crop Preserver on your balls to keep them dry, moisturized and not so salt-and-vinegary, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

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