Shoe Deodorizer Foot Spray | Shoe Spray Eliminator Kids Feet and Sweat | Childrens Extra Strength Shoe Odor Eliminator and Deodorant

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Once upon a time there were two little sisters growing up in sticky, swampy Miami Beach with sweaty, stinky shoes – they had a dream to create a magic shoe spray so girls and boys everywhere no longer have to feel silly about their stinky shoes! Lennon and Elle’s Magic Shoe Spray is formulated with Eucalyptus Lemongrass & Sassafras to tackle tough shoe odors at the source and work hard to eliminate and eradicate lingering stinky smelly musty offensive funky foul odors left behind by sweat perspiration and everyday wear. Our superior kid-friendly-formula fully neutralizes and deodorizes, removing odors completely from all types of shoes including dress athletic sneakers tennis shoes boots sandals and boots made from leather suede canvas nylon cotton mesh rubber patent leather fabric and synthetic materials. A simple shoe odor eliminator that removes the stink quickly. Directions: To keep shoes smelling fresh, spray inside of footwear in the evening and allow to sit overnight. We are a small family owned business. MADE IN THE USA

EFFECTIVELY DEODORIZES DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOTWEAR: This fast-acting spray starts deodorizing smelly shoes on contact to keep your kid’s everyday sneakers dress shoes heels sandals pumps boots and more smelling great. Spray in shoes, gym bags, lockers and on athletic gear to remove lingering foul foot and body odors from sweating and perspiration. Its strong enough to work as a treatment associated with heavily used athletic shoes – running soccer cleats tennis hiking and ice hockey skates.
SAFE FOR KIDS & EFFECTIVE ON A VARIETY OF MATERIALS: Our fast-acting shoe freshener is safe on leather suede canvas nylon cotton mesh rubber patent leather fabric synthetic materials. Offensive embarrassing odor can happen anywhere – keep a bottle of silly feet shoe deodorant spray in your car or home to keep your kids shoes smelling great. This maximum strength odor eliminator for shoes deodorizes to leave a bubble gum scent.
MADE IN USA – EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: We use premium ingredients not found in other lesser quality brands. Our Silly Feet Premium Shoe Deodorizer Spray is made to strict tested trade-secret standards that ensures it’s strong yet safe. It is an excellent birthday Christmas stocking stuffer gift or simply fun for the kids and their shoe odor. A fun shoe spray for funky sweaty smelly shoes.

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