Silipos 11605 Gel Toe Spreader – (Pack of 15) Toe Spacer Relieves Bunion, Corn, Callus Pain – Toe Isolator with Mineral Oil. Foot Care Insoles, Original Version

Price: $14.20
(as of Nov 19,2020 08:24:46 UTC – Details)

Silipos Gel Toe Spreader is a versatile foot care insole available for different foot size. The toe isolator helps in regaining the mobility compromised by bunion pain or by misaligned toes. This gel toe spreader is perfect for separating the toes, preventing rubbing and callusing. The reusable and washable toe divider contains gel pad that soothes and moisturizes the affected skin. This skin-friendly, inter-digital wedge is developed from latex-free and hypoallergenic material. The toe straightener also helps to alleviate pain associated with toe drifting and allows people to stand upright with lesser strain on the foot.

Toe Spreader: toe isolator contains medical-grade mineral oil that moisturizes and nourishes affected skin and cushion toes against friction. Toe spacer can reduce pain associated with hammertoes or misaligned toes
Versatile: gel toe spacer is designed to relieve pain associated with crooked toes, toe drift, and overlapping toes. The hypoallergic toe spacer cushions callusing skin, thick skin, and can provide bunion pain relief too
Material: this toe aligner for overlapping toes is formulated from latex free and allergy-free materials, making it ideal to be used for extended period
Comfort Fit: foot care product assures a snug fit as it is anatomically designed to stay secured between toes, reducing pressure and friction. The toe divider is suitable for most types of footwear and foot sizes specially the big toes to reduce pain
Specifications: this Small size mineral oil inter-digital wedge is supplied in a pack of 15. Often called toe straightener, the reusable gel toe spacer is often used to reduce after surgery scars

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