SWOLF Thigh High Compression Stockings, Firm Support 20-30 mmHg Medical Gradient Compression Socks with Silicone Band for Women & Men – Medical Support Hose Treatment Varicose Veins Edema Swelling

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20-30 mmHg Medical Graduated Compression Stockings are suitable for all compression needs. Unlike regular socks, it needs to fit tightly in order to work their magic. Doctor-recommended, therapeutic graduated compression, sometimes more pressure is a good thing. Thigh high compression socks are 1280D grade which means they will fit tightly with a graduated compression of about 20-30mmHg.
We use computers to control the entire manufacturing process, proprietary scale compression zone technology, which means that they will be tightly made with suitable graded compression to ensure that each knitted per pair of compressed socks perfectly meets customer needs.

1. The sock is almost the height of the middle of your thigh, please note (height varies from individual differences) 
2. The first time you wear compression stockings, you may feel the compression socks too tight. This is normal. Suggested that the first time, put on the socks for 2-4 hours, then gradual increase, in order to enhance the adaptability of the legs and help the long-term effects.
3. We recommend moderate exercise daily, promote blood circulation, improve muscle and vein vitality, to maintain good health.

 Washing instructions:
a.We recommend hand wash in warm water and air dry. You can a use mild soap. Mix the water with your hand to circulate the soap.
b.After soaking, gently rub the stockings to remove dirt and oil. Squeeze them out and rinse until all soap is removed.
c.Be sure to squeeze them gently and do not pull the stockings. Do not wring them out, as it may damage the way the compression socks/sleeves are woven.
d.Hang dry. Do not place near heat.

【Design】 Graduated compression design technology, 100% pressure at the ankle and compression lessens gradually up to calf (70%) and thigh (40%). Doctor-recommended, 20-30mmHg gradient compression stockings
【Material】 3-D knitted structure, the use of air-covered spandex yarn soft touch, comfortable all day wear. 77% nylon, 36% spandex,anti-slip silicone band, not allergic, do not curl, absorbent, breathable, environmentally friendly
【Function】 Compression stockings help improve leg blood circulation, relieve physical fatigue, but also help prevent ankle joints, leg and foot swelling, reduce the risk of developing varicose veins (spider veins). Thigh high compression stockings can also reduce muscle Spasm while re-activating your tired legs, suitable for people often stand
【Tips】 If conditions permit, we strongly recommend buying two pairs, alternately using them, which will double service life. The best washing time is two days, no more than three days because wearing a long time will affect the elastic recovery of socks
【Guarantee】 Your satisfaction is our aim. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please let us know and we will give you the most satisfactory results. You will get a satisfactory solution and five-star service

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